Federal Government Corruption?

Amy’s plan to live an upper class life ends when her husband dumps her after he completes his MD residency. Her friends advise her to leave her low income third grade teaching position, get divorced, and enter the world of marketing in the Federal government contracting industry. She agrees and after a few years starts making megabucks by trading sex for information to win lucrative government contracts.

To be successful Amy had to learn about the relationship between a Federal agency, its contractors, and members of Congress. She practiced her marketing magic in the high-powered competitive environment of Washington DC and the high-paced professional networking social life of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware in the first two decades of the twenty-first century.

Amy’s success faltered after she won a billion dollar contract and drops her sexual partner, Ben Kaiser, the Contracting Officer for Amy’s new contract. Her boss directs her go after a contract in a different agency. Amy searches for a new lover to help her win. Ben, jealous and lonely, reveals his relationship with Amy to an old friend. The story spreads and Amy and her company becomes the subject of an investigation by a Washington newspaper and the FBI.

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Frank E Hopkins has published two stand alone novels: Unplanned Choices, and The Opportunity.

What Will Happen if Abortion is Outlawed?

No one under fifty will know or can remember. Women who lived before the Roe vs. Wade decision in 1973 feared an unwanted pregnancy and suffered injury or death from a botched illegal abortion. Unplanned Choices tells the story of what happened to one couple during this era. Situations similar to that portrayed in Unplanned Choices, could be replicated hundreds of thousands of times in the future if abortion becomes illegal, or is severely restricted in the United States.

Unplanned Choices, is a coming-of-age historical romantic drama, set in the late 1960s and early 1970s in the New York City area during the turbulent period of the Vietnam War, the sexual revolution, the women's movement, the Civil Rights movement, and the struggle for legalizing abortion. The novel is the story of Steve Lynch and his first love, Anna Marino. Both Anna and Steve are raised in the Roman Catholic faith and struggle with the church’s prohibition of sexual activity and their growing sexual drives. They both meet in college after abandoning the church. Anna became pregnant and died during an abortion, before abortion on demand became legal in New York. The novel describes its impact on Steve, the abortionist, Anna's family and friends, and one NYPD investigator who committed murder.
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Unplanned Choices - Reviews
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The Opportunity is a thriller that keeps the reader enthralled from its beginning via surprises and plot twists until the last chapter. Readers have stated: it is hard to put down, enticing, enjoyable, great local flavor, seductive and engrossing, and definitely read this book.
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